Lacking an up-to-date dental insurance verification system can impede your revenue capabilities and limit your expansion. By placing your trust in our expert team, you can anticipate swift and precise dental insurance verification services customized to meet the distinct requirements of your dental practice.

Leave behind outdated in-house verification approaches and embrace cutting-edge, efficient solutions for enhanced cash flow and superior time management.

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What To Expect

From Our Dental Insurance

Verification Services?

          Verification information of patient

          Coverage dates

          Benefits used to date

          Type of plan and fee schedule

          Treatment History

–          Insurance and payment portions

          Patient’s insurance status 


dentist examining a patient

How to Verify Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance verification is a lengthy yet crucial process for preventing fraud and errors, avoiding claim denials, and improving customer relationships. Eligibility verification requires you to:

  • Inquire patients about past treatments and current benefit plans.
  • Call the patient’s insurance company directly or log in to their portal to verify their coverage plans and benefits. 
  • Be well-versed in dental codes/dental billing and remain up to date regarding policy changes.
  • Ensure frequent follow-ups and documented interactions. (This is necessary because insurance company employees or portal may not always be updated on a patient’s used-up benefits. Hence, the documented interactions may include screenshots of accessed portals and the retrieved benefit information as evidence).

This entire procedure, involving even more complex paperwork in reality, needs to be carried out frequently for all patients to ensure a higher reimbursement ratio and avoid misunderstandings. With so much work already piled up, it is better for you to consider outsourcing your dental insurance verification services to an expert with more experience in the field.

Zap Dental Billing will help you through this entire process carefully with comprehensive reports to keep you updated on every patient.

Why to Outsource Dental Insurance Verification Services?

Benefits We Provide

Saves Time

No more long hours of waiting on calls with insurance verification companies or extensive paperwork. It’ll save you time so you can attend to more patients.

Expertise & Accuracy

Our experts have specialized knowledge in the field hence, leaving less room for errors and ensuring an up-to-date practice with the latest trends and changes.


No more cost of hiring specialized staff, keeping training programs or buying new dental insurance verification softwares. Leave the entire job to us!  

Improved cash flow

No more delays in claims processing and payments. Our timely verifications will help improve cash flow and minimize losses

Lower Accounts Receivable

Better awareness of insurance benefits means patients will know when they must pay themselves resulting in smoother cash flows and lower account receivables.

Better Patient Experience

No more misunderstandings or conflicting conversations over treatment costs. Satisfy your patients and boost the inflow of referrals.  

Why Us?

See What Some Dentists Have to Say About Zap Dental Billing Company

Our dental clinic has been using the services of ZAP Dental Billing for over a year now, and we are extremely satisfied with their services. Their highly professional team handles all our billing needs promptly and have also increased our inflow of patients. They have also helped us streamline our billing process, which has resulted in faster payments and increased revenue for our clinic.

Dr. Rebecca Hayes

We started using the services of ZAP Dental Billing a few months ago, and we already see the benefits. Their team is very knowledgeable and experienced in dental billing, and they have helped us resolve many billing issues that we were struggling with in the past. They are also very responsive and always available to answer any questions or concerns that we have.

Dr. Jake Wilder

“We have worked with ZAP Dental Billing for several years now and are extremely pleased with their services. They have helped us streamline our billing process and have significantly reduced our administrative workload. Their team is very professional and highly skilled in the field, they’re always updated with the latest billing regulations and requirements.

Dr. Emma Carter


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