Running a dental practice is commonly considered a daunting task. Before the patient visits your clinic, it is important that their insurance plan be verified beforehand so that they can be provided the best healthcare possible and avoid billing issues later. This can be difficult to tackle later on. So, why not ensure the correct insurance coverage beforehand? Through a top-notch dental billing service, you can be assured that your patient insurance verification system is in good hands. The question still remains, How frequently should patient insurance information be verified?

This article includes tips on: 

  • How to verify insurance coverage, 
  • How to verify insurance benefits, 
  • Methods used to verify patient coverage, 
  • Information about the insurance verification training model, 
  • how frequently patient insurance should be verified; 
  • and verifying insurance eligibility. 

How to verify Patient Insurance

The first step in verifying a patient’s insurance is having a conversation with your patient and getting their basic information details when the patient calls to book an appointment. These information details include the patient’s name, date of birth, social security number, insurance company, insurance coverage and plan, and the contact information and address for the insurance company that they use. Once you have the basic patient details, you can contact the insurance company and verify the patient’s insurance details. Moreover, it is also very important to request the insurance company a copy of the benefits that the patient receives out of their insurance plan. It is essential to obtain this copy in order to be aware of any limitations that are included before providing healthcare. 

Once you have obtained crucial benefits information, you should record it in an organized manner on a recording and management system so that you can keep track of it for returning patients. The record-keeping process will help make patient verifications much more straightforward for long-term treatment patients. 

Insurance Verification Training Model 

To find out more detailed information and methodologies on verifying patient insurance, please be sure to check out the detailed and easy-to-follow Insurance Verification Training Model attached below for your convenience. 

How Frequently Payment Insurance Should be Verified 

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to verify patient insurance information before the actual appointment so as to get a head start on their confirmation and to avoid unnecessary chaos at the clinic. Secondly, when the patient comes into the clinic for the appointment, their insurance information should be re-verified by cross-checking their records. Thirdly, to keep clinic and patient information updated, the clinic should be in contact with patients’ insurance companies to keep track of discontinued, changed, or newly introduced plans. 

In-house Billing Vs Outsourced Billing: What is the best option?

When running a dental practice, or any practice for that matter, the top priority becomes giving quality healthcare to patients that walk through the clinic door. The problem with in-house billing is that it distracts you from providing world-class patient care. The good news is that you can have your billing done through a trusted dental billing company. You can give your full attention to your patients without having to worry about cross-checking insurance and directly dealing with claims. 

In order to manage in-house billing, you would have to hire a team. However, with an outsourced dental billing service, you can be more satisfied with how claims and patient insurance verification are dealt with. 


In conclusion, we have seen how important it is to verify patient insurance information, and it is very important to do so on a daily basis. Outsourcing your dental billing for the clinic is a great option to be more efficient in terms of keeping track of your patient’s insurance. 

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